A Moustache Divided: Filling In The Philtrum

A Moustache Divided: Filling In The Philtrum

clark gable moustache

As you look around from moustach to moustache, as one does with an abundance of time on one’s hands, you may notice that not all moustaches are alike. Much to the contrary, it may be more accurate to say that no two moustaches are ever exactly alike, which can be both encouraging, an embrace of individualism, and then also somewhat problematic, fostering competitiveness where it ought not, yet all too often is. When you look around and behold the great abounding diversity of moustaches, you quickly realize that your own moustache looks only like the one looking back at your from within the mirror, and, likewise, dissimilar to any other moustache that you happen upon in your daily travels.


Whether you were graced with a moustache with the volume and density of Friedrich Nietzsche or Sam Elliott, or perhaps you feel cheated by possessing a moustache more akin to that of Clark Gable, you should feel fortunate that you have got any hair on your upper lip at all. Unlike Abraham Lincoln’s famous words, a moustache divided against itself is not, in reality, actually divided against itself, but rather divided in a symmetry so stunning and brilliant that only Mother Nature, herself, could have produced. And a moustache divided can stand, and does stand for all that is gentlemanly and pleasant and right with the world. His sentiment on the matter of division is, perhaps, the reason why Lincoln was so reluctant to wear a moustache of his own growing.


Embracing the follicle distribution with which you were born is a great privilege that all too few in today’s rock ‘em, sock ‘em society are capable of appreciating. Whether philtrum is filled or boldly bare, it is more essential to a man’s comings and goings that he position himself in a posture of decency and honor at all times, despite having this moustache or that. Knowing that you can always trim away and create a delicate part down the midst of your moustache is comforting, and so, too, is knowing that time will often aid in the connection of a naturally detached moustache, but nothing can help alleviate bitterness, which is the Achilles’ heal of all mankind.