A Reimagining Of The Flask That Is As Elegant As It Is...

A Reimagining Of The Flask That Is As Elegant As It Is Timeless

kole thermal flask

It’s something that your great-granddad kept in his jacket pocket. Why not follow on in the tradition of drinking like a gentleman, even when you’re out and about. That’s precisely what Nisnas Industries had in mind with the design of their Kole Thermal Flask. This beautifully rendered stainless steel and wooden cylinder pairs a sharp modernity with a timeless simplicity that you just don’t see everyday. Whether you’re looking for a vessel to carry your morning espresso or one to house your evening spirits, Kole will certainly do the job, and do it in style. Its thermos-esque design includes a top that doubles as a cup, so you’re truly prepared for whatever your day or night may throw at you. Available in Oak, Walnut and Mahogany, these stunning flasks will have people asking you for more than just a sip of whatever’s inside. Dress it up or dress it down, the Kole Thermal Flask is the ideal container for whatever beverage you might want to be taking on your way.