Gear Up For Movember w/ Detroit Grooming Co.

Gear Up For Movember w/ Detroit Grooming Co.

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…And Craft Your Perennial Moustache


So, we know that it’s a bit early on for mention of a quasi-festivity like Movember, but we thought that we’d get the party started a bit preemptively and make sure that all you who are about to grow moustaches, or let it all grow for a good ol’ fashioned “No-Shave November,” are adequately outfitted to grow the best, healthiest whiskers that you can.


In large part, a moustache is very similar to a beard, anatomically speaking. They are both grown of the same type of hair and from the same type of skin (a rather supple, gentle type at that). As a result of the inherent similarities between the two, there is a relative similarity between the kinds of maintenance that each requires, as well as the kinds of products that are best suited to providing said maintenance.


As far as the basic structural integrity of skin and hair are concerned, there are two things that are of equally vital importance to both: cleanliness and health. Fortunately for you and your face, Detroit Grooming Co. has something to help you fortify both of those occasionally vulnerable fronts. In terms of cleanliness, we have our all-natural cleansing wash, which not only wipes away the grime of the day, but also replenishes and vitalizes your skin and hair with all of the vitamin-rich oils that your face needs to thrive. Beyond that, we have our flagship beard oils that envelope your whiskers in a nutrient-dense blend that keeps your face healthy until you wash it out and begin the process over again!


Now, once you’ve settled into a routine that will ensure the cleanliness and health of your face, hair included, you may, or may not, consider utilizing something to style it just the way you like. For those inclined toward participation in Movember, we have a moustache wax that will keep your handlebars riding high into the wee hours of tomorrow. Or, for those who’d prefer to not shave at all during the entire month of November, we also have a phenomenal beard butter, which is designed to shape your beard and tame your runaway whiskers without ever making you feel like there’s a gunky mess in your beard.


Should you want to top it off, literally, with some of our smooth, soft, yet powerful pomade, you’ll be sure to have a look that is absolutely inimitable. So, whether you’re going with a moustache this Movember or a full beard for “No-Shave November,” Detroit Grooming Co. is sure to have just the supplies to make sure that it’s a smashing success, and not an awkward thirty days of which you’ll wish there wasn’t photographic evidence.