How to take a girl home from a bar

How to take a girl home from a bar

How to take a girl home from a bar


How to take a girl home from a bar

Learning how to take a girl home from a bar is a lost art. In an era of internet dating and swiping right, there are certain skills that have been lost. If you want to make a real human connection while you’re face to face, you might need a little help. Don’t worry, though – these four simple steps will exponentially increase your chances to get a girl out of a bar and into your life.

Step One: Don’t Be a Loser

Are you trawling bars in the hopes of getting laid? Congratulations, every women in a ten mile radius can smell the stink of desperation on you. It’s nature’s most potent turn-off, so get rid of it. If you want to meet a girl, that’s great – but do it while you’re doing something else you enjoy. Hang out with your friends at a bar, play some pool, listen to a DJ – do something that makes you look like a functional person instead of the creepy guy at the bar. It might not get you any phone numbers, but it will probably keep you from getting a bad reputation.

Step Two: Be Attractive

Looks matter, but confidence matters more. Take a shower, wear clothes that suit your body, and remember to smile. You might not be a model, but you can be the best version of yourself. Wear something that looks nice and that makes you feel good about yourself. Women notice confidence, and confidence is always attractive.

Step Three: Don’t Be a Jerk

It’d be nice if this goes without saying, but it doesn’t. You know those awesome guides on picking up girls? Please ignore them. They teach you to be a jerk, and they might get you one phone number. Instead, treat a lady like an actual human being. Strike up a conversation about something that’s actually going on, be nice to her, and above all else treat a woman like she’s something other than a piece of meat. It will really work wonders for your confidence and it’ll stop you from getting drinks thrown in your face.

Step Four: Close the Deal – Or Don’t

This is the big one, because it’s what you’re looking for. You want to go in for the close, get her to come back to your place and have a lovely cup of coffee and look at art books (or something like that). Closing the deal’s a lot easier than you’d think, but it relies entirely on not caring if she comes with you. Read the vibe and figure out if she’s interested – after all, that’s like ninety-percent of the issue right there. If the girl seems good to go, ask if she wants to get out of there and go somewhere else. If you don’t care if she says no, then you’ve got nothing to lose. If you’re making a suggestion rather than begging, you’ll end up more likely to bring her home.