Kanye West To Run For President In 2020 a.k.a. The End Of...

Kanye West To Run For President In 2020 a.k.a. The End Of The World

kanye west for president

Evidently Kanye West has decided that interrupting, embarrassing and generally offending people one at a time is simply not an effective enough strategy. In lieu of his individually directed attacks of brazen, bombastic bravado, Mr. West has decided to announce to the world, using the MTV Video Music Awards as his podium, that he intends on running for President of the United States on the 2020 ticket. Now, there’s surely no way of knowing for sure whether we’re dealing with another grandstanding feat of seemingly chronic douchebaggery, or, perhaps, West thinks he’s being serious. However, if the American people’s inexplicable admiration for Donald Trump is any sign (which we pray that it is not, but fear it may be), then we may be in for quite a show in five years time. And, who knows, we may be in store for candidates who make Kanye West look like a reasonable choice, as farfetched as that may seem. We’re particularly excited to see who he selects to be his running mate.