Pearbuds – The World’s Smallest Stereo Cordless Earbuds

Pearbuds – The World’s Smallest Stereo Cordless Earbuds


It’s finally time to say goodbye to tangled wires and bulky headphones. Pear Designs has developed a breakthrough wireless in-­ear headphone that fits comfortably in your ears and lasts 6 hours on a single charge, which is currently the longest battery life in the market. Use the portable charging case and get another full charge in only 45 minutes.

In early market testing, the two main pain points of current wireless earphones on the market were size and battery life. We took that to heart and optimized the Pearbuds to both be the smallest in the market and to have the longest battery life, in order to make the best completely cordless earbud out there.

The small size doesn’t mean you should expect little in terms of sound quality. Here’s what makes Pearbuds sound great:

  • Use of balanced armature audio transducers which offer very low noise distortion, and which are optimally tuned to specific frequency ranges.
  • Use of the AptX codec ensures that the sound you hear over Bluetooth is CD-like quality. AptX uses special bit rate reduction techniques to offer Bluetooth sound that is indistinguishable from corded headphones.
  • A proprietary-designed module creates ultra-low latency between both Bluetooth earbuds, so you hear exactly the same thing in both ears with no difference whatsoever.
  • An ambient noise cancellation module is included to make sure that when your Pearbuds are in your ear, the music is all you can hear.