Volkswagen’s Sign & Drive May Turn Into Plea & File Following Criminal...

Volkswagen’s Sign & Drive May Turn Into Plea & File Following Criminal Investigation

volkswagen criminal investigation

For those of you who are particularly attached to your Jetta, Passat or Beetle, you may want to get it over for an oil change and start taking particularly good care of it, because Volkswagen may not be around when it’s time to start pricing out a new one. As a result of what appears to be purposefully falsified numbers on diesel emissions tests, the much beloved automotive company is now facing a U.S. Department of Justice criminal investigation into the issue. It is unclear yet whether any individuals within the company will be held personally accountable for the embellished figures, but this seemingly intentional circumvention of legal protocol may result in Volkswagen being remembered with ambivalent nostalgia. Whether or not this turns out to be VW’s coffin nail, it has already caused a 20% plummet in stock prices, amounting to a roughly $18 billion loss for the automotive company. Financially, legally, and certainly now in reputation, too, Volkswagen stands to lose even more in this monumental fiasco.